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Navnirmiti is registered under the Societies Registration Act -29 of the year 1950, Mumbai as a Trust – Society in 1998.

Universalisation of Elementary School Math and Science
Quality for Equality
Science for All
Knowledge should be free and accessible to all
Self supporting – Self sustaining – Self reliant

To provide the world’s best science and mathematics education to all those who otherwise could not afford or access it.
To acquire innovate and adopt best practice for quality education.
Promote activity based do and discover methods of teaching and learning
Provide viable employment opportunities for needy women and youth.
Build self-reliant social enterprises.
Reach to every school in the country.
Disseminate No cost and Low Cost knowledge and learning materials across the country.
Build scientific temperament in common public and strengthen the people’s science movement.


Stage I:

Year 1995 Solar Eclipse: distribution of 5,00,000 solar filters across the country, along with popular science materials.
Year 1997: Innovation of the Jodo kit
Year 2000: Development of a complete comprehensive ‘Universal Active Math’ programme & Math kit for primary school.

Stage II:

Year 2000: UAM reaching 200 schools, including nagar parishad, tribal schools.
Year 2001:
. Supply of 1,000 Total Math kits to unicef
. Solar filters in the international market. Sunderstanding campaign.
. Partnering with University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa in Science & Math education
Year 2002 1st functional ‘Math Labs’ set up by Navnirmiti. Work spreading rapidly.
Year 2004 Transit of Venus Campaign.
Year 2008 We have trained Primary Math Teachers of more than 5000 school in India

Developmental achievements:

Phase I
: Pioneering

Development of low cost solar filters, Jodo kit, Math kit, UAM
Establishing Distribution Channels: In Schools, with Like-Minded groups, and other Educational Institutions.
Establishing production, assembling lines
Employment to 15 persons.
Work with 200 schools in the elementary quality math & science learning
Average annual turn over around 25 lacs

Phase II: Expansion & Development

No of products up to designed and developed in house : 30
No of people employed 30 going up to 50
Formation of teams for various functions.
Development of Human resources.
Aiming to work with 1,000 schools in the elementary quality math & science learning.
Average turn over around 50 lacs can go up to 100 lacs in 2005.


Major activities include:

Programmes for Schools to improve Math and Science Learning.

Popularizing science events involving common man and school children.

Research and development of innovative teaching and learning methods, materials.

Teacher’s skills training workshops.

Building a self supporting social Enterprise.

Production and dissemination of low cost learning tools.

Providing viable employment to needy women and unemployed youth in a co-operative set up.


Since Navnirmiti believes in self reliance most of our activities including R & D have been funded through internal resources generated by our activities. We have however several major projects in the pipeline, for - which we would welcome external funding support. We would also welcome donations to our corpus fund. As a matter of policy Navnirmiti does not accept foreign funds.

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