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Community Learning Background

Background on the Community Initiatives in Tribal Hamlets of Saibangoda.

While conducting the summer camp in Paspoli area, our co-ordinaters visited the tribal hamlets of Saibangoda located nearby in the vicinity of Vihar Lake . Most of the children from these hamlets go to the Paspoli BMC school situated in front of Larsen &Toubro premises adjacent to the Powai Gardens .

These tribal hamlets house around one thousand families. Most of the inhabitants are illiterate and live below the poverty line. Their main livelihood is fishing and collection of firewood from the nearby forest. Despite having premier institutions like NITIE and IIT barely a kilometer away from their homes, many of the children from these communities who attend BMC schools eventually drop out from their studies. Even those who manage to complete their studies upto the 7 th standard class are seldom able to continue their education and further growth and development is hampered by their incomplete education.

Taking note of this situation, Navnirmiti, with the support of local tribal volunteers, carried out a survey on the status and need for education in this particular community. Based on this survey, it is proposed to take up a ‘Community Learning Initiative' for Saibangoda by roping in local educated volunteers for running Community Teaching Centers. Key objectives, features and detailed plans for these Community Teaching Centres are summarized in the following paragraphs.

Key Objectives

The objectives sought to be achieved through these centres are as under:

  Intervention in the overall education scenario
 Achieving norms for universalisation in basic subjects like maths and     language skills
  Active community participation of local educated youth
  Empowerment initiatives aimed at developing skills and building     confidence and building sustainable income generation for self reliance
  Support of self help groups within the community
  Establishing a resource network of bodies from various quarters of the     society

Based on the survey report, scale and modality of intervention in this community was decided.

The proposed community intervention program and its features, nature of proposed work, functions, logistics and administrative support, rigorous academic inputs, monitoring methodology etc. have been formulated as per details given below:

Saibangoda Community Learning Centers (CLCs):


  Need is identified for 10 community-learning centers in the tribal hamlets     in and around Vihar Lake.
The identified tribal hamlets are:
                                                      Saibangoda village
                                                       NITIE paspoli

Proposed Nature of Work in the CLC:

  Each Centre will run in three sessions for
      Pre-primary classes
      Classes for School dropouts and illiterate children
      Tuition centre for children going to regular schools
      Adult literacy classes

  Each session will be of approximately 3 hours duration.
  Each centre will have one teacher/ instructor per session.
  It is proposed to reach and cover all children of these localities.
  The teacher/instructor will be a local educated youth.
  The teacher/instructor will be selected through primary written local     exams.

(Based on the test results, the teacher/ instructor will be put in an appropriate teaching group (i.e. pre-primary/bridge school/tuition centre/adult literacy).

  Contact details:
301,302,303, 3rd floor,
A wing, Priyadarshani Apartment,
Padmavati Road,
IIT Market Gate,
Powai, Mumbai- 400 076.

Telephone: 091-22-25773215,
Fax:           091-22-25773215

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