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As part of its science promotional activities, Astrovision ľNavnirmiti was formed with the objective of popularising Astronomy among people. Astrovision's team of trained resource persons works towards creating awareness and interest in astronomy especially among children through disseminating information, organizing skyshows, training in use of telescope etc.

Astrovision is dedicated to reach popular astronomy to schools and thus provide valuable experience to as many students as possible. It also aims at setting up a school's observatory by equipping the school with a telescope which the school can use for future programmes.

Curiosity, interest and quest to know more about the celestial objects is a very natural urge in both children and adults. Sky observation / Astronomy has always been a fascinating subject for all. Observing the planets, stars and celestial events and studying them can be a joyful learning activity. But very little is done to develop this interest systematically and give further opportunities to young minds. As a result we utilize a wonderful part of our natural environment in developing scientific thinking and temperament in children. We fail to enthuse them to learn by observing, doing and discovering for themselves.

Astrovision has designed a comprehensive programme, reaching many schools to provide necessary inputs to carry on this science learning activity in a fun filled way for all students.


  • To promote scientific temperament in children.
  • To develop and sustain interest of children in astronomy.
  • To provide the rare experience of observing the Sun, stars and planets through high power telescope and also with simple, self-made instruments.
  • To propagate the fun and importance of the study of universe among youngsters.
  • To bridge the gap between the available knowledge resources and curious young minds.
  • To set up an Astronomy Club and equip the school with a observatory and telescope which will provide regular opportunities to study astronomy.

    To achieve these above objectives we have designed a unique Astronomy Programme for Schools. The programme includes lectures/ talks on Astronomy, slide shows, films shows, star gazing,naked eye astronomy, binocular astronomy, telescopic observations, Astronomy trips workshops on how to make simple telescopes etc. Under this programme we invite the schools to encourage all their students to take part in the Astronomy programme & sky shows organised by Astrovision. Students from class V to X can be involved in this programme.

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