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The Science Poster Project:
The Science Poster Project undertaken by Navnirmiti, aimed to develop a set of interactive colour posters on the lines of the South African kit, to cover class 5 syllabus based on the curriculum of the Maharashtra Government.
The attempt in designing the color posters was to transmit a playful and cheerful mood, enhance curiosity and create interest in science.

The problem in learning:
Inspiration for the Poster:
The Science Poster Project:
Advantages of the Poster:
Additional Advantages:


Adaptation for nutrition:
The aim of the poster is to make children aware of the adaptations of different organisms for acquiring nutrition.
The picture for this poster consists of 6 blobs which show different living organisms and their adaptations for acquiring nutrition.
The session to be taken with this poster will involve children themselves identifying the different adaptations that these organisms have that help them to acquire food. Care has been taken while preparing the content of the poster so that the commonly held misconception that adaptations are responses by a species to changes in the environment is not conveyed.


Poster 2
Idea of Structure:
This poster is an introductory poster used as a precursor to the topic on skeleton and joints in human body. The aim of this poster is to convey to children the role that a structure plays in imparting strength to an otherwise weak formation.
The picture for this poster consists of several things which have structures in them, for example a hut which has a wooden framework, an umbrella which has a metallic structure inside etc.

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