Mass Campaingns and Activities:
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Mass Campaingns and Activities :

Solar Eclipse in 1995,1999,2001,2002 and 2004:

  Activities under taken during the Eclipse:
NN has conducted Mass campaigns on building awareness on the             Eclipse
          To build scientific temperament and scientific thinking among             common man of all sections and society
          To remove fear and misconceptions in people due to the myths and             blind faiths on the eclipses
 Manufacturing of the Solar filters with the help of the co operative
          Distribution of the filters at lowest cost with the help of networking             and partnering with likeminded groups such as All India People’s             Science Network, BGVS, SMATE – UPE, Jodo Gyan.

Resources and Materials:

Navnirmiti distributes solar filters with accompanying pamphlets in many Indian languages.
The solar filter costs: Rs.5

Community Solar Vision Viewers kit: is set up for the entire community for group observation.

Lecture, Slideshow and poster exhibitions: are organized to give information on the eclipse phenomenon

Books, a wide range of inexpensive books, study materials in this area is also available.

Solar Filters

Mass campaingns and Activities

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