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Universal Active Mathematics                                                       

There is another world of mathematics, which is possible and accessible to all.

Comprehensive structured system for teaching primary school level mathematics skills to every student using.
· reality-based content
· activity-based, dialogue methods and ‘thing symbolic’ approach.
Knowledge should be free. It should be available to every one at no cost or at very low cost irrespective of his/her class, caste, gender and geographical location. Is the universalisation of basic mathematical skills to all primary school children an impossible task? It is a distant goal today. But if made reality, it will be an achievement of extreme national importance which will have great social benefits. We have gained confidence that universalisation of basic mathematical skills is not an impossible dream but an achievable goal, possible with existing resources - human and material. Mathematics is the language of science. Without mathematics people are denied access to science. Ignorance of basic mathematics is a major obstacle in the educational, economic and social progress of our people, especially the nderprivileged. It is also necessary to popularise science and develop scientific attitude and rationality in order to counter the growth of fundamentalist tendencies. Over thousands of years the caste and class structure has been responsible for depriving majority sections of the society of basic education. The social movements over the last few hundreds of years have opened the doors of education for all. Children from the deprived sections are studying in government schools. Many of the teachers in these schools are the first or second generation learners from their families. They both have just entered the processes of knowledge and science. Now again the impact of privatisation is working towards pushing them out. The market for education and market laws are controlling and denying access to quality education.

In this situation it is extremely important to strengthen government school system and provide good quality education in these schools along with strong academic support to the teachers.

Steps for achieving this are as follows:
1. Developing a pedagogy appropriate for these children, with continuous experimentation, feedback and modifications and achieving the best that works in reality.
2. Imparting rigorous intensive training to the teachers and inculcating the culture of activity-based do-and-discover and dialogue methods.
3. Developing systems that work the best in these schools. This will include continuous support and monitoring.
4. Scientific evaluation of the entire process.

Learning of Mathematics 

Areas of difficulties in Math Learning:
1. Language of Learning Mathematics
2. Method Of Learning Mathematics
3. Classroom Culture


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