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Summer Camps:

Summer Workshop:

As an ongoing annual event we organize a summer camp every year where children from in and around Powai participate. This is inspired by past several years' experience and enthusiastic participation of children in large numbers.

One of the main objectives of the summer camp is to give children an opportunity to learn skills they do not normally get. We have an excellent team of resource people to conduct these activities.

In the past 3 years Navnirmiti has been conducting summer camps exclusive camps for children from the Municipal schools. This began with including 10 underprivileged children free of cost in the paid camp organized for children from the well to do backgrounds. How ever the overwhelming responses to such initiative lead us to holding an exclusive camp for 100 municipal school children in the year 2004. Since then the effort has been growing. Last year we successfully conducted two camps for 200 children and this year we aim to reach 1,000 children.

Apart from reaching schools this effort aims at a community level intervention with an effort to link up the community with school activities, as children from these neighboring communities go to the BMC schools. Enthusiastic parents and school staffs have come forward to further this effort beyond our expectation by volunteering in enrollment, providing space in the municipal schools etc.

Despite their immense unexplored talents and enthusiasm these children hardly have any exposure to a learning atmosphere of this kind, which supports, enhances their skills and provides an opportunity to come face to face with the experts from the respective fields. Given the importance of an activity camp of this nature, it is more necessary for the children coming from a socially disadvantaged background.

In all our earlier initiatives children have participated all through the camp with never ending enthusiasm and interest. They have made best use of the opportunities provided to them whether in dramatics, nature, creativity, art, or science. They have exhibited exemplary performances after the 6 day interaction. And most of all they have had lots of fun while learning.

This has been a great motivation for us to go ahead and hold an event of this sort year after year attempting to benefit as many children as we can from this programme.


  Provide unique opportunities of learning
 Alternative concepts of learning.
  Exposure to wide range skills.
  Emphasis on activity based joyful learning
  Generate interest in various subjects other than the curriculum.
  Develop skills, confidence.
  Link communities with the schools with the community cum school level     intervention.

Achievements :

Continuous participation of children in all days with rare dropping out of      the camp.
   Immense eagerness in participation and learning.
   Increase in the level of self confidence.
   Skills enhancement.
   Established community based linkages in association with parents and      local volunteers.
   Reach out and coverage of 1200 children.

  Contact details:
301,302,303, 3rd floor,
A wing, Priyadarshani Apartment,
Padmavati Road,
IIT Market Gate,
Powai, Mumbai- 400 076.

Telephone: 091-22-25773215,
Fax:           091-22-25773215

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