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Navnirmiti is dedicated to acquiring, developing, innovating, producing and disseminating high quality, low cost/no cost (LCNC) learning methods, tools and systems to bring about universalisation of elementary mathematics and science skills and competencies. Navnirmiti (NN) conducts a number of mutually complementary activities to achieve the above objective. Navnirmiti reaches all those who otherwise would not have access to good education.

Elementary mathematics and science education by alternative'do and discover' methods:

Navnirmiti has developed a comprehensive 'Universal Active Math' programme and a complete classroom Math kit to teach all primary level school mathematics through joyful methods.

Interactive Poster kit for ‘Do and Discover’ approach to Science teaching and learning for middle school level class (5-8) (in preparation).

    Elementary Maths and Science

Popular science activities

Sunderstanding campaining:

This year is being celebrated as an important anniversary year for science . One century ago, in the year 1905, young Einstein published four path breaking papers in physics. cont'd

Solar eclipse campainings, Viewers:

Jodo and the architecture of matter:


We organize popular astronomy slideshows, exhibitions and sky shows

   Popular science activities

Training workshop for teachers and educators. Educational services for schools.

Training programme for the Universal Active Math programme is conducted regularly for teachers from various parts of India and abroad.

   Teacher Training Workshop

Production and Dissemination of Low cost, High Quality learning tools and toys sourced from all over India.

Our producers co-operative provides viable job opportunities to needy women from slums. Unemployed youth are also involved in various productions & dissemination activities.

The NN team visits schools organises and holds exhibitions, runs a distribution outlet "discover it" from which are distributed learning tools and toys.

      Production and Dissemination

Other activites carried out by us are:

Annual summer camp

 Community Learning

 Summer Camp 2011

Film shows


 Activity Club Details

Creative Workshop For Children

Workshop on Air

School fairs

Exhibition at Navnirmiti

 Navnirmiti sun Earth Activity Cards

   Events by Navnirmiti