CAMP - CARVAAN- Play, Learn, Create.

As the name suggests ‘Camp - Carvaan ‘ is a journey of a large group of tiny creative beings. A journey fueled by wonder, awe, and curiosity, one of self exploration, and self expression. Carvaan is undoubtedly a journey that quenches children’s innate thirst of curiosity and teaches them the philosophy of life through inquiry-based learning. Carvaan aims at making children independent, self-confident and socially cordial, the essentials for remaining creative and productive individuals.



Carvaan creates an atmosphere conducive for bounding between community volunteers and student translating into constructive action.

Joyful Learning

Through joyful learning Camp provides children with an opportunity to learn new skills and express their talent.

Network of Like Minded Individuals, and Organisations.

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Winter Camps

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Summer Camps

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Rural & Tribal Camps

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Astronomy Camps

How Camp transforms Children for life/ into leaders of tomorrow?

The range of activities undertaken at Carvaan are something that children would miss out in social settings and even schools of today, these are carefully curated in to following activities


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